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Who We Are

Emerald Fox takes a holistic approach with clients and strives to be a trusted partner in IT and specializes in Unified Communication, Contact Center, Networking & Data Center technologies.


We work with small, mid-sized, and large organizations across the world to help them Design, Deliver & Optimize technology solutions which add tangible business value.


Our absolute focus is to provide each and every client with an exceptional experience, wherever they choose to work with us.


Emerald Fox has three clear objectives with every client that we work with – Transform the User Experience, Simplify the Technology Environment, and Reduce Operating Costs. Whilst we may not impact each of these areas in every engagement with a client, our overall focus in developing the relationship is to achieve all three over time.


We start with your desired outcome. We showcase what is possible, workshop your requirements and then design a solution that best fits your needs. Our proven approach transitions you to your new environment and we provide this as a fully managed service.


We are a Cisco and Microsoft VAR. We provide professional services:


The implementation, upgrade, and replacement of a Cisco and Microsoft VAR portfolios.


Manage services to provide day-to-day support for customer IT infrastructures serving as their help desk.


Advisory services to help customers migrate their technology to realize cost savings, operational efficiencies, and user experience imporivements.



I just wanted to say AGAIN how delightful your staff is to work with… What a RELIEF! I am grateful – it seems like service with a smile should be the rule of the day, however it often is not. My experience with another company bordered on abuse and I think I actually might have post traumatic stress syndrome regarding it! I look forward to working with everyone at Emerald Fox. Thanks!

Claudia Winchester, Texas


We choose to work with Emerald Fox on the basis that they clearly understand our business to deliver a consistently great service to statpro globally.

John Jackson, California


Picture a blind man (me) being guided (by you) through a (IT) mine field. Everything you have done for me and my company is more than I ever could have imagined. I’m trying not to sound “unprofessional,” but it’s wonderful! Again, thank you!

Robert Karter, Cleveland