We Are a Full Service IT Partner

We strive to be a full service IT partner for all of our clients. To that end we offer solutions that span the IT landscape from End-User Computing to Global Networking; from User Adoption to Video Conferencing and Collaboration



Collaboration is critical to businesses. We enable our clients to transform the way they collaborate by embracing voice, instant messaging, video, conferencing and business messaging, and then delivering this to any user, in any location, using any device. For the business, it increases both the productivity and the effectiveness of the workforce; for IT, it provides greater flexibility and ease of management and for the end-user, it provides them with an exceptional work environment.


    Unified Communications has the power to transform the way in which companies operate, while driving down operating costs associated with communications. Too often companies look separately at communication tools, (voice, video, instant messaging, presence and conferencing) when making decisions on what to invest in, and miss the opportunity to truly leverage the power of a unified approach.

    We work with our clients to develop, deeply, optimize, and manage solutions that unify their voice communions with video, conferencing, and business messaging. We offer solutions that are on-premise, in the Cloud, and hybrid to meet the exact needs of each client. We can often realize significant cost savings by transforming legacy telephony into truly Unified communications and collaboration platforms.


    Transforming the Customer Experience, Reducing People Costs and providing valuable Business Intelligence should be at the core of everyone’s contact center strategy. A modern contact center should allow the customer to choose their method of contact, and for you to manage that choice in as efficient a manner as you manage calls today – voice, email, chat, web, text and social should all be managed, prioritized and reported on in the same way as a call is dealt with today. A well designed contact center solution can massively impact agent productivity while driving up customer satisfaction and transforming the business intelligence from reporting that your organization gets.

    We enable our clients to transform their customers’ experience with contact center solutions that span the complete range of interaction channels, equips agents to deliver exceptional service and provides managers with unprecedented insight into service delivery. For the business, it increases both the productivity and the effectiveness of the workforce; for IT, it provides greater flexibility and ease of management and for your customers, it provides a differentiated and consistent experience.


    SIP Services from our partners offer organizations with a more flexible, resilient and scalable way to connect their enterprise voice platforms to the public voice network. We partner with the leading service providers to deliver highly flexible and cost-effective services complemented by the peace of mind of a single point for support.

    Migrating PSTN connections from legacy circuits such as PRI's to SIP trunking can result in significant cost savings as well as an increase in reliability and redundancy.



All modern communications technologies rely on the data network to provide the transport. Exponential growth in video and mobile devices mean that organizations need to look closely at their network capacity and prepare for what is coming. Implementing the correct Local Area, Wide Area and Wireless Network technology as well as Bandwidth Capacity is the key to ensuring users can use the communications tools they are being provided with and are wanting to use. The correct network strategy can drive significant savings in connectivity costs, provide users with the bandwidth they need for all communications mediums and simplify management and support.


    Emerald Fox provides market-leading solutions for routing, switching and wireless Access to enable our clients to deliver a highly resilient, scalable and secure enterprise network. Our experts are able to assess your current environment, identifying potential issues, areas of optimization and help you make informed decisions on future investment.


    Highly reliable, mission – critical wireless networks that accelerate innovation for small to large businesses.


    We are helping our clients leverage the value of the Software Defined Network (SDN). Through leveraging the rich APIs, our clients are able to create the programmable network and automate many previously labour-intensive configuration and management tasks, as well as seamlessly integrate with security and load-balancing applications.


    Centralize, Virtualize and Cloud are the consistent themes when companies are looking at the way in which they house applications, store data and provide services to their end users. Data Center technology, whether it is as the infrastructure, virtualization or application layer can drive major operating cost reductions, disaster recovery benefits, management simplification and flexibility to companies which embrace it fully.



We help our clients to take a holistic and ‘threat-centric’ approach to security. We provide solutions that work seamlessly together to secure the network, control access and protect content from traditional and advanced threats. For the business, we provide peace of mind that everything is being done to protect business critical information and systems; for IT, we reduce management overhead while reducing both time to detect and remediate breaches, and for the end-user we provide a secure environment in which to work.



Many companies spend a lot of money on new solutions, but never spend the time to teach users not only how to use the tool but the money saving ideas that drove the purchasing decisions. End User Adoption programs drive home these ideals.

End User Adoption should be the first order of business. Often we consider communication and training only after experiencing problems, confusion, and questions. Properly preparing for the obstacles ahead reduce frustrations and build confidence in the user community. It also drives results of the project or initiative from day 1.


    Building an End User Usage Policy which supports business objectives and end user profiles is key to success. This also helps clearly define expectations.


    Always focused on why the change is being made, how it will benefit, what is expected from the end user, and how it will benefit them in their roles


    Applicable and simplified training will maximize the end user’s knowledge and capabilities. Our "Next Level" approach always focuses on each user growing in their role and is scalable across all skill and knowledge profiles.


    Ongoing measurement of the adoption, reporting of adoption, and corrective initiatives to build on adoption levels



Advisory Services allow our clients to leverage our teams years of knowledge in working with technology and how best to apply it to meet a specific business objective. Whilst the specific engagements undertaken are aligned to the clients needs, we have developed significant capability in the following areas. It should be noted that all of Emerald Fox's Advisory activity is focused on providing value as quickly as possible to the client, and being accountable for the findings and recommendations that we make to each client.

  • UC & CC Transformation

    This involves working with clients to help define their strategy around Unified Communications and/or Contact Center technology, and to build the business case for any investment required to transform the communication tools they provide to their users.

  • Vendor Selection

    Across any aspect of communications technology, this involves working with the client to define requirements and then manage the vendor selection process from start to finish. An absolute focus on functional requirements, aligned to business needs, ensures that technology considered and selected is based on actual requirement rather than perceived or historic relationships.

  • Design Engagements

    Much of our Advisory work is based on making what clients already have work better. To do this requires a tight definition of functional requirements, based on business need, which is then mapped to the current technology environment. Emerald Fox Advisors undertake this work for clients and produce a gap analysis which clearly shows the capability of what they have today and, as importantly, shows areas where they may need to invest.

  • Proof of Concept

    For significant technology investments, especially with a new vendor, a proof of concept is often required. When engaged, Emerald Fox provides a fully managed service around the vendor negotiation, PoC implementation, and its measurement against an agreed scorecard of requirements.

  • Focused Initiatives

    Most clients have initiatives which are ongoing, or stalled, and which require focus and completion. Emerald Fox can help clients drive these initiatives from their current state to completion in the shortest possible time.

  • Process Efficiency

    While productivity is talked about consistently when Unified Communications & Contact Center technology is being considered, the major value of this technology is in its ability to speed up the way business is done. To analyze and understand this properly requires companies to look at specific business processes and predict the impact of technology on each process. The majority of our consulting in this area is focused on the following key processes: High Value Sales, High Volume Customer Interaction, New Product Launch, R&D and Training & Development

  • Cost Reduction

    There are several initiatives which can help companies reduce their technology costs considerably. Emerald Fox is engaged by clients to define the level of savings available and detail the exact actions required for the client to take advantage of them. It is then common for us to help the client execute on the initiative and measure the savings on an ongoing basis.



Clients rely on us to not only be on hand at all times to resolve technology issues through OPTIMIZE Support, but also to proactively deliver business outcomes through the performance management and ongoing optimization of the existing technology environment with OPTIMIZE Manage+. These services have been developed with the highest levels of professionalism and with the deepest knowledge of business communication available.


These two services have a wide range of contract and SLA led elements – all designed to maximize uptime and relevance of technology to the client organization. The service is driven by a dedicated Client Engagement Manager who is non-revenue focused, client satisfaction targeted and goal orientated. Their regular updates notify clients what potential issues have been identified and rectified in their business-critical systems - before they become a problem.


    Follow the Sun contact and a single client management system across all Service Hubs delivers professional and immediate support to the client – wherever they are and whatever the time.

    Emerald Fox has the ability to serve as an IT escalation point for existing service groups or to replace them entirely.

    - Incident Management
    - Problem Management
    - On-Site Resolution
    - Vendor Escalation Management
    - Change Management
    - Advance Replacement Parts
    - Technical System Advice


    Including OPTIMIZE Support as standard with one or more of the following value-add services:

    - Performance Management: Emerald Fox identify and avoid potential problems within the technology landscape - instead of spending valuable time rectifying them

    - Configuration Management: A detailed and logical model of the supported systems and an overall network schematic

    - Client Based Resource: A Skilled resource to be based at your locations, on a needs and requirement basis

    - Service Continuity Management: Any interruption to regular operation is recognized and a risk assessment details the effect


    - Managing data networks and voice telephony places a huge demand on staff & budgets.
    - Overall IT management and related security activities are complex
    - Staffing for 24x7 IT support is difficult
    - Resources with skills to manage the related technologies are hard to find and retain
    - Pressure on managing with available resources
    - Constrained IT budgets impact future growth
    - Networks and related security needs often are not the core business – but they are critical
    - Cost of proper network architecture/design conflicts with company priorities
    - Inability to keep up with the rapid advances in new technologies – that enable the business
    - IT Monitoring & Management may take a “back seat” to projects
    - Proper support and change control may be put AT RISK over time